Student Photos

Just wanted to let everyone know that my timber frame barn is finally up! It is great to finally see everything come together after all the hard work. I now know how much work goes into doing a project like this. I used one of Jason's barn plans and everything worked out great. I did it all using hand tools and a circular saw.... I wanted that chain mortiser so bad, but...

The frame timbers are a real mix. Sugar maple for the posts, beech, hemlock, white pine, spruce and some others I could not identify. Most of the wood came from trees I cut on my own property and the rest came from a friends farm. All milled on site by a friend of mine.

Many thanks to Jason and Richard for all their help at last summer's course. Can't believe it has almost been a year already! I highly recommend taking this course if you ever plan on building a frame or just for the experience. Already thinking about my next frame!
Shawn C.

Please go to our timber frame course facebook page to see our course participants building and raising their frame.

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